P.O. Box 1395
Manhattan, KS 66505-1395, USA

RFE Service Agreement

By signing this agreement and paying the required deposit, I understand and agree the following terms.

1. Immigration Association will immediately assign a consultant (hereafter "the Consultant") to contact me and help me with my RFE response.
2. The Consultant will give me instructions to collect requested evidences and I will follow these instructions to prepare the evidences. 
3. I will notify the Consultant any events that may affect the status of the petition immediately. 
4. Fee payment: US$300 is required at the signing of this agreement as deposit. This deposit will not be refunded once the response is filed. No more payment is required if the petition is not approved. US$700 is required after the petition is approved.  
5. Both parties can withdraw this agreement at any time for any reason. If I withdraw the agreement, I understand that Immigration Association will charge a prorated fee for the service provided, this fee will be assessed by Immigration Association. If Immigration Association withdraws the agreement, it will refund all the fees I paid to it. 

Signed: _____________________________ Date: ___________________________

Printed Name: _________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________

Email Address: _____________________________

Please print out and sign this agreement and mail it together with your deposit to Immigration Association,  The deposit must be paid by check or money order payable to Immigration Association.

Immigration Association

PO Box 1395

Manhattan, KS 66505-1395

A copy of the signed agreement and a receipt will be mailed to you. Time is of essence in RFE response, please mail your previously-submitted petition letter, RFE notice and your resume as well as other supporting evidences (if you have a copy) to us at your earliest convenience.