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I-485, Adjustment of Status, Questions and Answers

We received lots of questions regarding I-485, adjustment of status. To provide an affordable and effective solutions for your questions, we compiled the following "I-485 Questions and Answers". 

As one of our members said: Some of these questions you can't even ask your lawyer. I asked my lawyer about job change, he said "Don't ask me this question. If I know your intention, I couldn't defend you in case of court." Not to mention about the cost of lawyer services. 

We believe our answers will provide helpful even critical information to your adjustment of status. 

Partial list of the questions

Procedures, how to file, what to file, where to file

What are the benefits of filing I-485? What should I do if I need a work authorization or travel permit? What should I do if I am about to run out of status?

What would happen if my application is denied?

 My I-485 is pending. I was recently laid-off, what should I do?

 What is a priority date? Why a visa is not always available immediately? 

 Where do I find out the visa availability?  Where to get I-485 and other forms? 

 What documents are required to file I-485? 

 What items are checked in medical examination? I have tested hepatitis B positive, is that matter? How to choose a doctor to do the medical examination? 

 I wear glasses all the time. Do I need to wear glasses to take the picture? 

 I do not have a birth certificate. Is a copy of my passport which has my birth date OK? 

 Where to file the I-485? Do I need a sponsor to file I-485? 

 I am currently holding a J-1 visa. I am subject to two-year home residence requirement. My immigration petition is approved. Can I simply ignore this requirement and file the I-485? 

 I received the I-485 package from local INS office. Inside, it has an I-864 form. What is that form for? Am I eligible to file that form? 

 How much does it cost to file I-485? How do I know my application has been accepted by USCIS? 

 How long does it take for the USCIS to processing the I-485 application? 

 Even the visa is not available for my priority date, can I just send the I-485 to USCIS? 

 I am waiting to file an I-485 when the visa is available. My current visa expires soon. Do I need to keep my status? 

 My H-1B will expire soon (six years). I have not got a chance to file I-485 yet, because visa is not available for my priority date. What can I do to keep in-status? 

My immigration petition was approved under the category Outstanding Researcher, I, myself, is the sponsor. Now, my I-485 is pending, I want to change a job. Is that OK? How about if I move out of the jurisdictional area of the USCIS Center I filed my I-485? 

 I have not got a chance to file I-485 yet, because visa is not available for my priority date. Now I want to move from New York to San Francisco. Can I do that without jeopardize my I-485 filing? 

 My I-485 is pending, I want to go back to my country for a short visit, what should I do? 

 I have not got a chance to file I-485 yet, because visa is not available for my priority date. During this waiting period, can I go back to my country for a visit? Can I go back to work? 

 My I-485 is pending. My current visa will soon expire. Do I need to change to another non-immigration visa in order to keep my status? 

 My F-1 practical training will expire soon. I have not got a chance to file I-485 yet, because visa is not available for my priority date. Do I need to change to H-1B in order to keep me in-status? Can I do that? Will I have trouble with USCIS because an immigration petition is filed? Will I automatically get a work authorization card? 

 My immigration petition is approved under EB2. My son is now 19 years old on H-4 visa. By the time I can file my I-485, my son would be over 21 years old. Will he still qualify for adjustment of status? If not, does he need to change to another visa such as F-1? 

 My immigration petition is approved. Is that automatically qualify me for work authorization? 

 What forms are required to apply for work authorization? Can I apply at local USCIS office? 

 My immigration petition was approved under the category Outstanding Researcher and was sponsored by my employer. I have not got the green card yet. Now I want to quit this job and move to another job. I suspect my boss would be very angry because he expected me work much longer for him. Is there anything he could do to revoke my green card? 

 My Immigration petition was sponsored by my employer. I have not had a chance to file I-485 yet. I had a big fight (argument) with my boss a few weeks before. He fired me. Can I still file for the green card? What kind of trouble I might have? 

 My application for PR was approved. I mailed my I-485 to the USCIS service center.  I did it two months ago but have not received the receipt.  How can I check the status of my case? 

 I used Wic before for my daughter, will that affect issuing me a green card? I have a daughter born in the U.S. During which, my wife used prenatal care assistance, later on we applied for food stamps. How do I answer the question #2 of part 3 on I-485? 

To Get the Answers

To obtain the answers for the above questions and more, send a check or money order of $47 payable to immigration association together with your e-mail address to:
Immigration Association
P.O. Box 1395
Manhattan, KS 66505-1395
When we receive your check, we will e-mail you the answers within 24 hours.

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