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H-2B Visa

The H-2B visa program creates a way for U.S. nonagricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers, to bring temporary foreign workers into the U.S,. Qualifying positions cover lots of areas, including hotel workers, travel agents, restaurant workers, janitors, resort workers,  health care workers, construction workers, amusement park workers, landscape workers, etc.

 The process for obtaining H-2B certification is less extensive and less time-consuming  compare to the application of permanent certification.

Though the limitation for the validity period of H-2B labor certification application is 364 days, it is possible to extend the employment period for additional two years.

Every year, millions of people try to enter the USA illegally risking huge amount of money and their lives. H2B is a much lower cost and legal alternative to come into the USA. The visa has to be sponsored by a US employer.  The United States has very liberal business laws. Anyone in the US could be an employer as long as you have the ability to provide prevailing wage for the alien on the visa. 

H-2B Do-It-Yourself Application Package

This is a completely do-it-yourself guide, provides you the application procedures step by step from the very beginning to the end. The package contains detailed procedures of the applications, sample forms and letters, key points to success, as well as blank application forms. You do not lose anything by trying the H2B visa for someone else if you do it yourself without paying an expensive attorney.  

The package is $48. Success GUARANTEED by refund. The kit will be emailed to you as attachments via this email address, Files are in TEXT or pdf format, total sizes over 1MB. If you use check or money order, please specify your email address, if you use credit card to order, your email address will be provided to us automatically.  Please also provide a shipping address, we will mail you any part of the kit that is not digitized yet. 


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