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Foreign Education Evaluation

If you need to evaluate your foreign education to U.S. equivalency which required by USCIS, we have contracted FEES (Foreign Education Evaluation Services) to do that for you.

The Foreign Education Evaluation Services (FEES) provide an objective evaluation and reporting service that analyzes the education and licensure earned outside of the United States in terms of comparability to U.S. standards and expectations. This objective evaluation carefully assesses documents received from source agencies, verifying and appraising an applicant's educational and registration/licensure credentials.

The resulting certificate of evaluation serves as a valuable tool for regulatory/licensing agencies, specialty certification authorities, academic institutions, immigration attorneys, prospective employers and others. It also helps qualified applicants demonstrate the merits of their credentials with regard to U.S. standards, facilitating their pursuit of educational or career opportunities in the United States.

The FEES evaluation, customized to meet specific informational requirements, provides the right set of details to enable accurate decision-making. The evaluation includes copies of transcripts from source institutions and validations of registration/licensure from the issuing authorities. Information includes entrance requirements and dates of attendance for completed academic programs, the scope of practice for attained registration/licensure credentials and comparisons with U.S. educational and registration/licensure credentials, as well as a course-by-course analysis of all profession-specific and science coursework. The evaluation also includes information about other pathways to the same educational/licensure credentials, where appropriate.

This service will cost $80. To use the service, please mail your transcripts, degrees, or certificates with English translation and a $80 check (payable to immigration association) to Immigration Association,

  Immigration Association

P.O. Box 1395

Manhattan, KS 66505-1395

We strongly suggest you to use "priority mail with signature confirmation". We will have your documents ready in one week. We will use "priority mail with signature confirmation" to mail you the documents back. If you like us to use express mail, please add $30 shipping fee.


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