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Frequently Asked Questions

Even the INS took some big steps to tighten the rules of National Interests Waiver in August, 1998, our members have reported increased success in NIW. This is because we always put you as our FIRST priority. We not only provide you the information on how to apply, we provide you the information on how to SUCCEED. 

Q. Do I qualify for a green card? I saw some web site that says if you fill out a form, you can get a green card, is that right?
A. Please read this page to see if you are qualified for a green card. 
There are many categories for green card, none of them is as simple as filling out a form. 

Q. How long does it take to get a green card? Can I get it in 6 months?
A. Currently, it takes on average 6months to 3 years to really get the green card. However, you can have the benefits of green card (such as work authorization and travel documents) in as short as 3 months. For more information, please read this page.

Q. How much does it cost for the entire process?
A. Depending on how many applications you will have to file, the application fees could range from $500 to $1500. Also you need to prepare $300 for medical examination.

Q. Does "Outstanding Researcher" category require a job offer? Please explain a little bit more on the job offer requirement. 
A. The employer has to be the sponsor. You need a job to qualify for this category. However, what is considered to be a "job"? What is considered to be a "permanent research job"? What is a "employer"? The OR kit explains how to technically handle these questions. You should always state any kind of relevant job you currently have on your petition and always show the high side of your income (The OR kit has given some examples explaining how to do this.). 

Q. I was offered a job. But I heard that the company would not sponsor green card. Can I take the job? 
A. What a misconception! What does "sponsor" mean? Probably, it only means the company does not pay your lawyer fee. If they offer you the job, it is their responsibility to provide you documents to make your work legal. The OR or NIW kit will explain how to do that. You can certainly take the job. 

Q. Is it easier to get a green card for people work in bigger companies than smaller ones? Is it easier if teaching in a university? 
A. Depending on what kind method you use to apply the green card or which category you go through. If you use our methods, where you work is not critical. It is almost the same whether you work for a big or small company or a university. 

Q. I have a job. How can I get around the labor certification and apply a green card? 
A. Do not go through the arduous labor certification. It is too risky, time consuming and costly. The NIW kit will tell you many LEGAL shortcuts, faster, less-costly, easier, and less risky. 

Q. There are many do-it-yourself kits on the internet, how do I know yours are the best?
A. We constantly monitor the whole landscape. We acquired almost all the kits we could find. After careful comparisons, we feel so confident that we are the number 1. 
Following is the brief list of conclusions of our comparisons.1) Our goal is to help people succeed in legal immigration by ALL means. This sets us apart from most other packages. 2) Our kits emphasize the skills of how to collect evidences which is the most critical process in your application, while most other kits assume you already have the evidences. 3) Our kits have a lot of samples on how to best present your case. They are easy to use, you just need to plug-in your situations. While most other kits are simple explanations of the laws. For an example, in our EA kit, we went into such a depth as how to choose a job title in your cover letter, which will immediately tell that you have extraordinary ability but does not distort the nature of your job. In our NIW kit, we tell you how to obtain a recommendation letter from US governmental official who does not know you. Nobody else does. We designed a winning formula, nobody else has. We know there is a package by a law firm which is only $45, it is simply an explanation of every immigration category. If you want to be a teacher in immigration, that is better, if you want to successfully immigrate for yourself, ours are better. One gentleman wrote to us: "I purchased a kit from a company in Rio Rancho, NM, before I got yours. The kit weighs 4 lbs and is really lengthy. But it is confusing too. I was frustrated by it. Yours is the best." Several years ago, one guy in California bought a kit from us, then you set up a fancy web site to re-sell it. Maybe to avoid copyright infringement, he made some changes to the kit he bought, we found his kit was full of wrong concepts even grammatical errors.
To summarize, we are not  the lengthiest, our kits do not weigh the most, our web site is not the fanciest, however, our kits are simply the best in helping your to get a green card. 

Q. I plan to hire an attorney. Will the your kits give me some advice on how to hire an attorney? 
A: Absolutely. The kits talk about how to hire attorney, fees involved, background check, etc. Attorneys will not collect the evidences for you. Also, most attorneys charge a fee by hours he worked on your case (usually, $180 to $250 per hour). By using our kits, you can do most the preparation work so that you can save huge amount of money. Even in the case that your company is paying the legal bill, by using our  kits, you can tell your attorney what is the fastest and safest category for you. 

Q. What are the contents of the NIW kit? 
A. What are the shortcuts, What is the best method for you,  National Interest Waiver and more, Detailed Samples of all kinds, Frequently asked questions, How to apply, How to collect evidences, How to submit the application. The package includes a do-it-yourself kit containing all the necessary forms and samples of detailed petitions. It contains many critical and rarely-known skills and methods. It will answer almost all your questions concerning applying a green card. The winning formula. Learn from other people's mistakes.

Q. What is special of your NIW kit? 
A. The NIW kit not only tells you how to apply, most importantly. it tells you how to succeed, how to set you apart from ordinary applicants. 

Q. I am a F-1 student and do not have paper published, do not have Ph.D degree. Am I eligible to apply? Will the NIW kit help me? 
A. Yes. You are eligible to apply. The NIW kit will help you to identify the things that are special and unique to you. You will learn from the samples we provided. You will find the best category that fits you. 

Q. How do I pay for the immigration products? 
A. Credit Card payment please click here

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