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Outstanding Researcher

The 1996 immigration law, Immigration and Nationality Act, created several categories for employment-based immigration according to preferences. Among which, two categories, we call them "Outstanding Researcher" (first preference, EB1) and "National Interests Waiver" (second preference, EB2), are specially favorable for people with advanced degree(s) or working towards advanced degree(s). If you are doing research or teaching, or if you think your work is of national interests, you may consider one of these two categories. They are less stringent and less time-consuming. No labor certificate is required. Our members have reported more successes in these two categories and  great satisfaction in our kits.

Application kit, Outstanding Researcher (OR)

Following is the brief list of qualifications required for "Outstanding Researcher" category. You need to have at least two of them to qualify.
-- receipt of major prizes or awards,
-- membership in academic associations,
--  published material in professional publications about your work,
-- participation on a panel, or individually, to judge other's work, 
-- original scientific or scholarly research contributions,
-- authorship of scholarly books or articles.

If you are not sure whether you qualify or not, email us your resume, we will evaluate your case free. Keep in mind, meeting the requirements does not guarantee automatic approval of your case. How to present your case is often the factor deciding success or failure. This is why we compiled this ORNIW kit to help you prepare the application. The kit will tell you what qualifications count, what don't. It will help you dig into every corner of your experience to find those qualifications with vital significance. It will help you to prepare the most convincing case for your application.

Please note, you do not have to work for a university on a teaching position to qualify for this category. Private companies, colleges, research institutions are all qualified sponsor for this category provided they meet the research requirement. What is "research"? What is a "research job"? What is a "permanent job"? The OR kit will help you to technically handle these questions.

The OR application kit explains the LEGAL shortcuts to obtaining U.S. permanent residency especially through the categories: Outstanding Researcher (EB1) and National Interests Waiver (EB2). It is a completely do-it-yourself kit containing all the necessary forms and samples of detailed petitions. It will help you step-by-step to get your green card fast without going through the arduous labor certificate process. 

It contains many critical and rarely-known skills and methods. It will answer almost all your questions concerning applying a green card. It can save you thousands of dollars. Most importantly, it probably signifies the difference between stay and leave in many cases. 

Partial contents: 
Part 3. Procedures: How 
Part 4. INS Internal Route of Processing 
Part 7. Outstanding Researcher 
 Part 7.2. How to collect evidences; Samples
 Part 7.3. How to Submit the Petition
 Part 7.5. Learn from Other People's Mistakes 
Part 9. Convincing Petition Samples 
 Part 9.2. Sample Recommendation Letters from Supervisor
 Part 9.3. Sample Letter to Request a Recommendation Letter from a Course Instructor
 Part 9.5. Sample Letter to Request a Recommendation Letter from Professors who Do Not Know You
 Part 9.7. Sample Letter to Request a Recommendation from Government Officials who Do Not Know You
 Part 9.8. Letters from Government Officials
 Part 9.10. Sample Covers Letters
 Part 9.11. Sample Filed Petition Forms 

Samples are selected from some of the best documents
from more than 100 INS approved successful cases based on
Outstanding Researcher or National Interest Waiver, applicants include: students, H-1 workers, computer programmers, electrical and electronic engineers, chemists, bio-chemists, economists, financial analysts, medical researchers, physicists, chemical engineers, civil engineers, software engineers, research associates, and post-doctorates. 

This kit is $59. Make checks or money order payable to Immigration Association. Success GUARANTEED by refund. Ships within 24 hours. The kit will be emailed to you as attachments via this email address, Files are in TEXT or pdf format, total sizes over 1MB. If you use check or money order, please specify your email address, if you use credit card to order, your email address will be provided to us automatically. Please also provide a shipping address, we will mail you any part of the kit that is not digitized yet. 

Credit Card Payment, please click 

Why do I need your kit?
If you want to save $6000 on lawyer fee and want to do-it-yourself, the answer is obvious, we provide the best application kits. You can do a better job by using our application kits.
If you decided to use an attorney, you got to keep in mind that he/she will only fill out the form for you, he/she will NOT provide the evidences for you. You still need to know how to collect evidences and what evidences to provide. This is where our kits will help you. Besides, there are so many lousy attorneys. They not only rip you off, they also waste your time if you do not know the process and details.
If you have a Company attorney, he/she is paid by the Company, he/she will protect the Company's interests, he/she is not obligated to protect your interests. Maybe he/she will choose a route that takes longer time and more risks. Maybe he/she is not specialized in immigration. With our application kits, you can show him/her the best shortcut for you and tell him to do it the way how you want it done. You can control your own destiny.

More questions answered in Frequently Asked Questions.

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