P.O. Box 1395
Manhattan, KS 66505-1395, USA

Premium Service Agreement

By signing this agreement and paying the required deposit, I understand and agree the following terms.

1. Immigration Association will immediately assign a consultant (hereafter "the Consultant") to contact me and help me with my immigration petition.
2. I will follow the instructions by the Consultant to collect and prepare evidences and documents for my petition. I will make corresponding changes suggested by the Consultant in these documents. I will forward the complete package of application to the Consultant before submitting to USCIS for review and changes if so required. I will follow the suggestions of the consultant to file all appropriate applications for my case.
3. I will forward a copy of USCIS receipt to the Consultant once the application is filed.
4. I will notify the Consultant of my intentions or actions that may affect the petition, these intentions and actions include, but are not limited to, moving, graduation, job-change, marriage, or, publishing.
5. I will notify the Consultant any events that may affect the status of the petition immediately. These events include, but are not limited to, address change, employment-termination, promotion, or, awards.
6. Fee payment: US$2950.00 is required at the signing of this agreement. (If you purchased related application kit from Immigration Association before, you can deduct the purchase amount from the deposit). (The service fee for NO OBJECTION J waiver is $1000). No further charges or fees to Immigration Association will be required for my entire green card process.
7. Guarantee: If the petition is eventually denied, Immigration Association will refund all the fees paid to Immigration Association immediately. In any events, the liability for Immigration Association will be limited to the refund of the fees paid only. Both parties can withdraw this agreement at any time for any reason. If I withdraw the agreement, I understand that Immigration Association will charge a prorated fee for the service provided, this fee will be assessed by Immigration Association. If Immigration Association withdraws the agreement, it will refund all the fees I paid to it. This agreement covers the period from my signing of the agreement to the time I get my Green Card.

Signed: _____________________________ Date: ___________________________

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Phone Number: ________________________                _____________________________

Email Address: _________________________               ______________________________

Signature by representative from Immigration Association:                  Date:

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(Explanation: Please print out and sign this agreement and mail it together with your deposit to Immigration Association, P.O. Box 1395, Manhattan, KS 66505-1395, USA. The deposit must be paid by check or money order payable to Immigration Association. A copy of the signed agreement and a receipt will be mailed to you. If you are HIV positive, please do not sign this agreement, by law, someone with HIV is not admissible.)